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Durma Bem com SantistaTraditionally recognized by the beauty, practicality and with the best cost benefit to decorate the House, a Santista inova mais uma vez e é a primeira empresa do segmento a lançar um Application for Smartphones e Tablets. O aplicativo do sono Durma Bem com Santista está disponível para as plataformas Apple iOS e Android.

Connected with modernity and with the awareness that sleep is critical to the health and quality of life of people, the application of sleep comes up with the objective of assisting people to sleep better: with Tips para escolher o travesseiro ideal, quiz that assesses sleep quality, relaxing music, translator of dreams, weather forecast and more.

The application is a novelty, não há nenhum manufacturer de travesseiros no Brasil que tenha tido a preocupação de não apenas vender o travesseiro, But yes, to help consumers sleep better since the correct pillow is not the only factor that influences the quality of sleep.

In addition to the Application, the Santos created the exclusive site for pillows – – and the packaging of the products Santos will receive a sticker with the information and with a code QR Code it will take people directly to the site. There, they will find information about the application and where to download.

The coastal area beyond the line of pillows and bed accessories has the full line of bed, table and bath. To learn more visit the website

Link to download on Google Play (Android): = com.jelyhost.durmaBemComSantista&feature = search_result #?t = W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5qZWx5aG9zdC5kdXJtYUJlbUNvbVNhbnRpc3RhIl0.

Link to downloads in the App Store:

About Santos

Whether for bed, table or bath products Santista are conspicuous by their beauty, quality and comfort for the most different environments of the houses are always welcoming and provide maximum peace of mind for families.

With its vertical production process, from fiber to finished product, through wiring, weaving, dry cleaning/laundry services, stamping, finishing and preparation, the Santos brings constant innovations to meet the most demanding customers.

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