Displaying the tweets from a Twitter profile via PHP

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We will learn how easy it is to view the tweets from any profile in Twitter on a page written in PHP. THE from This template you can create your custom page and display it as you wish.

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We will get the values via XML Feed. It is a relatively simple file, but to treat all the information you need to form original and concrete.

Let the script:

$usuario = 'dicasemgeral'; // Usuário do Twitter
$feed = ''.$usuario.'.rss'; // Apenas o URL do Feed
$limite = 10; // Limite te Tweets que aparecerão na tela
<title>Tweets de <?=$usuario;?></title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
foreach(simplexml_load_file($feed)->channel->item as $item ): if($conta>=$limite){break;} $conta++;
$username = $usuario;
$nome = explode(':',$item->title); $nome = $nome[0];
$link = $item->link;
$data = $item->pubDate;
$tweet = str_replace($nome.': ','',$item->description);
<div id="tweet<?=$conta;?>">
<a target="_blank" href="<?=$username;?>"><img src="<?=$username;?>" border="0" style="float:left; padding:3px;" width="48" height="48" title="@<?=$username;?>" /></a><a title="@<?=$username;?>" target="_blank" href="<?=$username;?>"><b><?=$nome;?></b></a>: <?=$tweet;?>
<small><span><a href="<?=$link;?>" target="_blank" style="color:#444444; text-decoration:none;"><?=$data;?></a></span></small>
<div style="clear:both;"></div>

The above script should return something like:

exibindo tweets php

The result, Surely, is organic, without formatting. Therefore, It's up to you the programmer to develop methods of style and create your custom page. An example of this you can see here. Note that chat works on the left side of the page.

Good luck! :)

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