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Horário de verão

You should already know: daylight saving time ends this weekend. The Sunday 12:0 am (26/02), Brazilians of South, South East, Midwest and the State of Bahia will delay their watches on 1 time, Turning to the 11:0 pm. But, and watch your computer?

For owners of PCs with Windows Vista or 7, is a snap: the operating system updates automatically. To be sure if this will even happen, just click on the watch, there in the upper right corner of the toolbar, and see if the sentence “Daylight saving time ends in the(a) Sunday, 26 February 2012 as 00:00the8243; is displayed. For those who already have versions XP or 2003 of the system, the Microsoft We recommend the Windows Update to update your latest version (December 2011). Like this, the fit also happen automatically.

The owners of devices Apple also does not have to worry. From version Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5), the machines are already auto-update. For those with previous versions, just go to preferences of date and time, disable the option set date & time automatically and tidy up the time manually. In the case of iPhones, If the software is also updated, the schedule changes alone. It is worth remembering that jailbroken devices may have problems with this task.

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