New online community will help it professionals deploy remote networks

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Intelligent WAN logoThe UBM TechWeb and UBM DeusM launches today Intelligent WAN, Community on-line para administradores de rede que executam redes remotas. WANs – wide area networks – connect multiple locations with vital business information.

O site é provedor importante de informações e análises sobre o future das WANs, inclusive otimização e priorização de applications, Security de perímetro, IP MPLS network and MPLS VPNs. Is a community that involves penetrating opinions and voices to spread knowledge about important issues around remote networks and a vehicle for it decision makers seek advice and guidance from their peers. Blogs diários e quadros de avisos movimentados will be complementados por bate-papos ao vivo regulares e transmissões pela Web sobre questões técnicas, cultural management and.

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