Level 3 Launches new Data Center Service in Latin America

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Level 3Level 3 Communications, Inc. today announced the launch of Dynamic Level of Enterprise Computing 3, a new data center in Latin America. The new service is a managed Hosting solution that offers customers the flexibility to define their needs for computational resources and pay as you go, While ensures the availability of these resources.

With the increasing reliance on cloud-based solutions for applications essential, companies require not only the flexibility of traditional cloud solutions, but also the peace of mind that the hosting services will work when more are needed. The traditional cloud solutions provide customers with on-demand services (upon request) and rates based on utility, but not always guarantee resource availability nor offer secure network performance, from end to end.

“The new Service Level 3, Dynamic Enterprise Computing, It's basically an innovative way of vision of providing data center services,” Leonardo said Barbero, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Level 3 in Latin America. “With this model, customers of Level 3 in Latin America can improve their capabilities as your business needs grow, improve efficiency through allocation of resources where they are needed, and increase your security by taking advantage of the services of a hosting provider dedicated to end-to-end protection. Dynamic Level of Enterprise Computing 3 offers our customers a safe and secure environment of enterprise computing on highly available platform, combining flexibility and security features that companies have sought when choosing an infrastructure as a service solution.”

Dynamic Level of Enterprise Computing 3 is designed to offer virtual computing elements, storage and security with revolutionary structure for customers, that combines the certainty of availability of computing resource with a dynamic pricing model based on resource consumption. In addition, the new service does not limit the availability of the resource when the need exceeds the expectation, enabling customers to grow quickly, or burst, in the consumption of computing resources to meet the business needs as they grow. The new service also provides managed services to operating systems and databases.

“The fast-growing companies and economies of Latin America are demanding scalable telecommunications services, good quality and low price,” said Elia San Miguel, principal research analyst at Gartner. “The region continues to look promising as the market has a hyper growth, for managed services, placing and lodgings have high rate of consumption, mainly by multinationals seeking to expand its presence in the market.”

Specifically for the Brazilian market, a recent Gartner study, that held between the executives who make decisions of YOU discovered that 60 percent of those who answered the survey planned to allocate part of its budget of 2012 for external it services in cloud computing-related services. (“Emerging Market Analysis: IT, Brazil 2012 and Beyond,” 2012)

The Level 3, data center provider of multiple users, operates more than 350 data center facilities in North America, Europe and Latin America. These facilities can offer any of the three levels of service, Since traditional hosting with network equipment until full support for managed it solutions. In addition, the data center Level 3 are designed to deliver scalable solutions that allow customers to extend quickly your resources applications business or improve business continuity programs. The connectivity between sites is available through the 165.000 Metropolitan fiber route miles, between cities, and the underwater Level 3.

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On the Level 3 Communications

A Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NYSE: LVLT) is an international leading supplier of IP-based communications services to business customers, of contents, wholesale and Government. Through its trusted network, scalable and secure, the Level 3 provides integrated IP solutions, including convergent solutions, of data, voice, video, data center and managed services to help enable the growth and efficiency of clients. A Level 3 operates a unique global platformThe Levelred by their own fiber networks on three continents and in more than 45 countries, connected by extensive underwater installations. The services of the Level 3 are provided by wholly owned subsidiaries of Level 3 Communications, Inc. For more information,Communications

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The Level 3 account with your corporate website at address, and you can find additional information about the company on the pages for Investors, at address: A Level 3 use your website as a channel of distribution of important information about the company. A Level 3 The Levelrovides financial information, In addition to other relevant, about the company and its business, financial condition and operations on the investors Web pages.

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