Linux: In addition to free, an excellent choice

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Much is said in the operating system Linux, that increasingly has conquered new horizons and reaching a greater number of users. If you have no idea how this system is and it works, follow this matter developed by Tips on General.

After All, What is Linux?

THE Linux is an operating system, IE, an interface that manages the computer and makes possible his interaction with the user. Being so, Linux controls the management of physical devices (as memory, hard drive, processor, between other) and allows programs to use for many different tasks. Other operating systems include: the BSD UNIX family (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and other), AIX, HP-UX, OS/2, MacOS, Windows, MS-DOS, and many other options.

Novell Linux Desktop 2

linus torvaldsThe creator of the Linux kernel is called Linus Torvalds. When the kernel was created, POSIX operating standards followed-the same used by all UNIX systems – and this is an operating system very similar to other UNIX family (but not equal). A curious fact is the origin of the name Linux: the author joined his name to Unix (Linus + Unix) and the result was Linux.

One of the features that made it the most popular Linux is its high portability, that makes the system can be used on various hardware platforms: PCs, main-frames, Enterprise servers, embedded systems, cellphones, handhelds, routers, electronic voting machines, among others. In addition, It is a complete operating system, multi-task and multi-user, which means that various services and users can use it at the same time. Another important feature is its high ability to chat with other operating systems, such as other UNIX systems, Windows networks, Novell, and other more.

Besides all these features, one of the main and most important features of Linux is it being a free software and free (Open Source-or Portuguese-open source). This means that you don't need to pay to use it, Besides having the ability to not rely on any company that controls the operating system. The source code for the core system (kernel) is released under the GPL license and can be obtained on the Internet by anyone, You can also have your code changes and re-distributed, modifying to suit your taste and your needs, If need. By be free, Linux has several developers as programmers around the world, several different companies or individuals, contributors always sending pieces of code and implementations to Linus Torvalds, It organizes and decides to go to the official kernel or not.


Linux is subdivided into distributions, IE, different versions of the operating system, modified to provide end users with specific resources, are they: educational, Office applications, internet, games and more.

One of the major Linux distributions can highlight big names quite widespread, as: Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, Kurumin and many other.

Knowing more about Linux

If you bought your computer now and don't know how to fiddle on Linux, It is clear that the first idea is: Quit messing and discovering resources. But this is not always the animator, especially if the system is very different from what you're used to coexist and interact. Therefore, We recommend that you read This handout (Click here), so you have a more specific notion of Linux and its resources.

Remember that for each distribution there are different resources, and with each new version of such distributions new features are added and others removed. Always look for the documentation of your operating system through the main menu or via the internet.

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