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Uma das distribuições mais famosas do Linux, Ubuntu, will win its new version later this month. This is the Ubuntu 11.10, that will come this Saturday (29.10), during a meeting that will be held at new Rome. Who will be presenting the new system is the Fuctura, que inclusive organizou um evento para o launch com o apoio da Linux Magazine. One of the advantages of the new version will be faster, the lightness, In addition to safety. Oportunidade para students e profissionais da área de technology se familiarizarem com o software livre.


In addition to these, other advantages are: better control of Windows, Visual improvements in workspace switcher, accessibility supported in LightDM logins Manager. The new version will have a new theme selector, a recent update of Oneric Ocelot (next version, that is in development). Also added, in the selection of wallpapers, an option to select the interface theme. Currently, are available the Radiance and Ambiance themes and two more in high contrast.

Visit this LINK to download the version.

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